The Help

If you have not gone to see the new movie that came out in theaters called The Help, you have got to see it!  I went to see it last Tuesday night, and I absolutely loved it.  The story takes place around the time of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement.  It is about a young white woman who interviews a bunch of black housemaids.  She wants to hear their side of the story about what it is like to be “the help” for the white people in her town.  These interviews are done in secret of course, and she eventually publishes a book called The Help, which is a real book that the movie is based off of by Kathryn Stockett.  This is a great movie!  The actors and actresses do an amazing job at portraying their characters, and showing a lot of emotion and depth.  I especially loved the actress who plays Skeeter, the young woman who writes The Help, she did an outstanding  job playing her character.  This movie gives a good historical view of what it was like to live in those times.  I never really thought about what it was like to work as a housemaid.  Most white families did not treat them well at all.  They didn’t even let them use their bathroom!!  I can not believe that they would treat them that way after they do so much.  They clean the house, cook the food, grocery shop, and pretty much raise their children for them.  However, I also liked how the movie showed stories of families who did treat their house help well.  Skeeter’s family loved their housemaid, and treated her like one of the family.  Those families also felt a lot of pressure from other families who despised blacks.  This is one of the reasons that Skeeter decides to write her book.  This is a very moving motion picture that really makes you think about what it was like for them, and also about the way that you treat other people.  We need to remember that everyone deserves a right to the freedom of this country.  I really enjoyed this movie, and I know that you will too.  It is definitely worth the $6-8 to go and see it.  I give it 4 stars all the way!


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  1. Oh man I want to see that movie! 😀
    Oh and by the way I love the background of this fantabulous blog!
    love you Sarah!

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