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So….today in Communications we talked a lot about Radio, and the ways it changed society after it was invented.  Radio first came about in 1912, and it was mostly used for naval technology.  In fact it was used on the Titanic, and a lot of people heard their distress call.  The 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s were the Golden Age of Radio.  It was a new age of liberation, and especially Jazz music.  Jazz music was invented by the African-American at first, but once white musicians started to hear it, they adopted it for themselves.  It then became popular in the white culture as well.  Jazz music became an anti-racist force among the people.  Radio was also a great source of free entertainment for people during the Great Depression, and FDR used it as a way to communicate with the people through “Fireside Chats.”  Now, as far as communication goes, there is only so much bandwidth to go around.  The big news companies we know of today like ABC, CBS, and NBC, do you know what they pay every year to have their spot?  NOTHING!!  Isn’t that crazy?  You would think they would have to pay something….but nope.  All they have to do is promise to operate in the public interest, but when we watch and hear these stations, so we really here that much news anymore?  Not really, I know for sure that most of what is shown on CBS is crime shows, sitcoms, and dramas.

These companies do 3 things to keep their “promise,” to operate in the public interest:

  • News Broadcasts a couple of times a day
  • A little bit of so-called Educational TV
  • Public Service Announcements

I never knew that is how it worked.  I thought that was interesting….anyways sorry for all the educational talk, but those were some interesting things that I learned today :]  Along the lines of radio I wanted to talk about a Radio show that I really like….

It is called The Browser.  It is on KSL News Radio 102.7 FM and 1160 AM everyday from 1-3pm.  The show is hosted by Amy Iverson and Jay McFarland, and it is a pretty entertaining show.  The two of them have great radio personalities, and they compliment each others style.  I get a laugh out of it every time I listen.  So, the show is called The Browser, because they talk about new stories and things coming out on the World Wide Web.  It is pretty much a show all about our society moving into the digital age.  We have talked about this a lot in class, about how right now my generation is in a new age of communication.  The digital age is changing the way society is, and the way things are communicated.  The Browser is a good radio show, and you all should try it out!  There are other cool shows on KSL as well.  They have the Movie Show on the weekends, and then every night from 7pm-midnight they have a show called the Nightside Project, which is also pretty entertaining.  I also think that of all the news stations, KSL is the most reliable.  They cover lots of different types of stories from good to bad.  I also don’t think that they are really liberal or conservative.  They show both sides of every story.


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  1. I never knew this much about the radio…. I feel like there is so much to learn about ways that people used to communicate way back when. Why do we have such a hard time communicating with each other day. We have the resources to be effective communicators for sure…. It really makes you think.

  2. Hey thanks for the nice compliment! Hope you’re still listening..

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