Advertising That Works!

Okay…so the one thing I absolutely hate most about watching TV is what….COMMERCIALS!!!!!  They are SO lame!  I have never been more happy in my life than when a DVR was installed in my home, so that I never had to spend time watching and listening to boring commercials.  Now, I now that it’s advertising and every business has to advertise in order to get costumers, but seriously some of them could put a little more effort into their commercials.  Can’t you just imagine it now….the boring deep voice of some random guy droning on and on about something you don’t care about, and now you care about it even less!  I don’t really understand how they think that will bring them business.

My favorite is the commercials about medicine where they tell you all the good things it can do for you, and then at the end a really fast talking person tells you all the horrible side effects you can get.  I mean that is the best part of the commercial because I just laugh.  I think to myself, “why would anyone in their right mind take that medicine?’  I know most every medicine has side effects, and that the company is legally obligated to list the side effects in the commercial, but I just think it’s funny.  Especially the fast talking voice.  I mean even if they are talking at the speed of light, I can still pick out one awful side effect that would keep me from EVER taking that medicine.  So, I’m not really sure the fast talking voice is necessary, but oh well.

One thing that makes me like a commercial is when there is a catchy little theme song a company always plays.  If I like the song, I will sit and watch the commercial just so I can hear or sing the little tune at the end.  It is a really good advertising strategy.  People always remember those tunes, and they can recall them if asked.  Insurance companies always have their little jingles, and I bet most people could sing them all.  Music gets stuck in the brain a lot easier than a bunch of talking.  I bet tons of people can recognize these saying, and sing them too.

I bet you recognized at least one of those familiar commercial jingles we all hear.  They really are memorable.

Now, if I did have to watch commercials all the time, at least there are some really funny commercials and ads out there that always make life more enjoyable.  I think comedy is the best advertising strategy out there.  If you can make your ad funny, it will definitely be successful.  All of the comedic advertisements I have seen, I have remembered them and the company or product they were associated with.  Plus, whenever people see a funny commercial they want to share it with other, which in turn creates more exposure.  Whenever my brother sees one, he rewinds the TV and watches it like 5 times, and he also shows it to all of us.  There is a real advantage to making your advertisement comical.

Here is a commercial for the Zoosk dating site that I think is really funny

Thank goodness for funny commercials :]


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  1. Bahaha! I love that Zoosk commercial it made me giggle! Oh ya and one more thing……I love how you put the sign from Lagoon on here! Classic! You are Awesome Sarah! 😀

  2. Great blogs I especially liked the zoosk commercial you posted, put the icing on the cake. It looks like you spent a lot of time and hard work on your blogs. I would really appreciate it if you took a couple of seconds and looked at mine as well, and then maybe vote for it on Friday assuming you find it worthy enough. My blog address is Thanks and good luck.

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